About Us

About us

 My name is Chandrashekhar, I am from Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh district in India, this is a small village in Mundhapande block, its name is Rounds Mustkan,

 My Education

 I studied class 10 from GIC mondha pandey college from first class in year 2008 then moved to city Moradabad from there I studied class 11 and 12 in which I chose science and maths after studying class 11, 12  I studied Physics Chemistry Math PCM group in B.Sc, its next year I studied from MSc Mathematics, I did MSc for 1 year, I stopped studying MSc and studied B.Ed immediately after that B.Ed is one such  The course by which one becomes a teacher was also of 1 year at that time,

 I completed my B.Ed in the year 2015. Immediately after B.Ed I finalized my MSc with Mathematics.

 I completed my studies in 2016.

Because I completed B.Ed, due to which I agreed to become a teacher, after that I passed the Uttar Pradesh teacher exam but I could not do anything good in it, then the Uttar Pradesh government conducted the TGT PGT 2016 exam in 2019 in which I  Declared successful and today I am a government employee of Uttar Pradesh hu, I am posted in Prayagraj district, also work on this website as well as work is my habit and I am also a maths teacher.

 My Social Media Account

 I also run on Facebook now but I have started very late, whose link is given below, I also have a YouTube channel on which I did teaching for seven eight months, in this I made videos related to Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test, you can see it  Link is being given below

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I am working 


NOW DAYS I am posted in india as teacher

  I am Assistant Teacher (Mathematics)

 Allahabad uttar pradesh

 My website www.digitalwalletoffer.com

chandra shekhar