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Digital Wallet Explained| Types With Examples and How It Works

What is digital wallet | mobile wallet

Digital Wallet Explained: Types With Examples and How It Works

Digital wallet is the same of my pocket money as you spend the pocket money anywhere as is the digital wallet. Digital wallet is  the application which has the your  payment.LearN

Digital wallet is a software which has the your account information your money is safe in digital wallet you can use the international transaction and any transaction in local transaction and bill payment your mobile. tablate

 example to learn digital wallet 

You go the market to take the something as a vegetable as cloth as TV mobile for the buying these object you can buy if you have the money in your pocket but digital wallet at the valid you can say the mobile wallet has Store your money as a bank you can buy online any object and transfer the money why the digital wallet the digital wallet is the safe and clean for the use of every candidate if they use the carefully.

digital wallet today use cryptor currency

Here are in the some

 most useful digital wallet list is given bellow.

  1. Google pay
  2. PayPal
  3. Amazon pay
  4. Com
  5. Apple pay
  6. Cash pay
  7. Dwolla
  8. Samsung wallet
  9. Venmo
  10. Zelle
  11. Due
  12.  American Express
  13. Android pay
  14. Authorize.net
  15. Bank of America
  16. Barclaycard
  17. Biyowallet
  18. Boku
  19. Boost mobile
  20. Brinks
  21. BTCC
  22. Capital One wallet
  23. Card free
  24. Sellum group
  25. Case paymentech
  26. City master pass
  27. Citrus pay

These are above the digital wallet pay. every country has the different wallet  pay

But the Google pay digital wallet and the PayPal wallet pay is the famous in the world you can buy the online any website any object buy. the Paypal and the Google Play this is the most powerful wallet. 

You can send the money of your friend in foreign country by the Paypal and the Google Play digital wallet you can pay the your pay balance as electric bill pay, insurance pay, finance pay, extra

Digital wallet pay benefit.

  1. It is used for very easy to everyone
  2. You can use in the mobile phone ,tablet
  3. You you can transfer a lot of amount in a one click by your mobile
  4. You can why online any object to use the digital wallet for the international transaction
  5. Your money is safe in the digital wallet and the powerful password in your mobile digital wallet
  6. Digital wallet has no weight as like as physical money has weight
  7. No one can stolen your money   by your digital wallet
  8. Suppose you have no money in your pocket then you can easily pay your bill Hotel pay. Restaurant bill pay
  9. You can pay your bank balance as loan in a one click as a Mortgage loan
  10. Everyone use digital wallet they has only Android mobile phone.
  11. Every digital wallet pay every transaction they something reward point and discount
  12. Google pay in every month of a first week has the reward point if you follow the term and condition
  13. Amazon pay also gives the reward point on every transaction
  14. Paypal also gives the reward points of your digital wallet candidate.

Some disadvantage of digital wallet

  1.  if your mobile network is slow  then digital  wallet transaction is not done or a failed
  2. Digital wallet password if leaked then your account by hacked anyone will be possible
  3. Some scamer can scan your digital wallet
  4. Everywhere  not you  used digital wallet.  you can use  digital wallet only network area.

Some carefully for the digital wallet

If you use the digital wallet or a mobile wallet you cannot share of your digital wallet password and mobile wallet password

  • You use the powerful network in your

You can transfer  bank money carefully to other your account or  to your friends account 

Google pay digital wallet

Google pay is the famous digital wallet.  you can pay easily all your payment bill pay in a single one click you can set up easily if you have the any Android phone and has your account in bank you can connect why your account my Google pay and digital wallet pay I think everyone to use the Google pay because it is used for everyone very useful and very easy

 Digital Wallet  video

If you want to more learn the digital wallet or a mobile wallet you can see the YouTube video is given below

digital wallet



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