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Discover Student card | Best discover Student credit card, Cash Back Credit Card 2022 Review

Discover student Cash Back Card 

Annual Charge Student Discover Credit Card

Introduction discover student Card

Come friends, today we talk about Student Discover Credit Card. Nowadays everyone needs Discover Student Credit Card because students do not have any income course, nor have any credit card, yet they have Walmart for shopping. And for online shopping from Amazon, a card is required, let’s talk about one of the best cards today, in which neither you will have any charge, nor will there be any talent on it, nor will there be any joining fee, we will find such student credit card for you. have brought for

Discover Student Card 

Card for Student This is a very good card on which you get 5% cashback on purchase like you do online purchase on amazon and from wallmart you will get 5% cashback on every item

And if you do any shopping other than online shopping, then you will get one percent cashback on it.

Annual Charge Student Discover Credit Card

1. No annual fee.

2. No annual charge

If we talk about the annual charge on this card, then no annual charge is taken on it nor do you have to pay any extra money even if your installment is not deposited.

Credit Limit Discover Student Cashback Card

No annual fee and if you spend it honestly then you will not get charged for 6 months purchase APR 15.24 – 24.2 4% applicable on purchase, at the end of the year you can convert your cashback to $50 to $100 And you can convert $100 to $200, it’s up to you how you use Discover Student Credit Card,

Discover Student Cashback Credit Card has a five star rating.

 It can be said to be the best credit card for students,


 Discover Student Cashback Card benefit

, you can avail 5% cashback every 3 months and you can shop from different places like you balmart on amazon etc and you get 3 months time to the pay Pal on you Through Discover the student card bill, you can tell in 3 months.

Some quality of discover student credit card

For starters, the best part about this card is, of course, the fact that it has no annual fee which is definitely not uncommon and there are lots of products that have no annual  third quarter is earn each quarter would be $75 or $300 for the entire year which is still pretty great but that is a fairly low spending cap so just

keep that in mind.Now outside of those rolling categories or if you go above that spending limit, you’re going to earn 1% unlimited cash back on everything else. Again that’s cool but there are a number of product nowadays that offer 2% unlimited cash back on everything so 1% isn’t that great but again this is a beginner product so the fact that you get this amount of cash back it is pretty sweet. Perhaps the best feature that really put the

discovery card on the map is the unlimited dollar for dollar cashback match at the end your first year and what that means is say you earn $500 in cash back in your first year well then discover is going to give you another $500 on top of that which is insane

considering this is a free credit card. As many of you know, they discover it card is the very first credit card that I ever opened and I actually opened it on my 18th birthday and in that first year I earned about $600 in cash back meaning at the end of that year discover put another $600 statement credit on to my card so for that whole first year

I earned $1200 in cash back and that was as a broke college student at the time who really wasn’t spending that much money on this card. Essentially that means that in your first year you’re getting a 10% cash back on those rolling categories and 2% back on everything else.Beyond those cash back rewards discover also

has the $0 fraud liability guarantee meaning if there is ever an unauthorized purchase on your Discover Card you are not responsible for covering that purchase, discover also has the standard card freeze feature that you can access right from within the app and they’ll immediately replace your card and Social Security monitoring alerts which again is free and included with your discover it card.They’re also going to give you free credit score monitoring which is pretty easy to get with a number of tools nowadays but if this is your first credit card that is a cool way to see your credit score quickly go up and he fairly short period of time.But perhaps the best feature about discover as a company that I have talked about time

Customer service discover student Card

and time again is their unbelievable US-based 24/h customer support.Look I literally review financial products for living meaning I have spent a lot of time on the phone talking with a lot of financial companies and no one comes close to the customer support that discovery has. Literally, if you need help with anything or have a question you can call the number. on the back of your card anytime any day, and a kind helpful friendly person will answer the phone and get things sorted out for you.Now, this isn’t any personal concierge like the centurion black card but considering that .product cost you about $15,000 in the first year I think I’ll stick with the free and

Apply discover student Card

If you want to get the discover student credit card now you just apply the credit card the link is given below thank you and enjoy the discover credit card for the shopping Amazon and Walmart and any other online shopping and get the 5% cashback

 Apply Now 

fantastic customer service from Discover cash back

One other thing I love about Discover is that the cash back that you earn is given to you directly as cash and there are no points you don’t have to redeem points for this or that they just give you the cash and that’s the end of it and that’s really simple. Now like I said earlier there are a million different versions of this card including the standard cash back credit card that we just looked at but also the student cash back, you spend but to be completely honest, I have no experience with how discovers travel site

works and what those points are actually worth so if you’re that far into the credit card

game and you want to earn points and travel rewards and you’re probably better off going  with a company like Chase or American Express.

Alright so now let’s answer the big question of today’s video, is the discover it credit

Discover student card still worth it in 2022.

I have a simple answer for you, yes…I mean What kind of question is that? now if you already have established credit history and multiple credit cards then this is probablynot the product for you but like I mentioned at the beginning of the video everyone in the personal finance community seems to agree that if you are brand new to credit cards or just building your credit score then the Discover it card is the best

option out there and not only gives you a fast and free way to build your credit score but also offers some pretty great cash back benefits as well.

Now I will mention that since I got this card about five years ago, there have been some new products like credit builder cards thatn have hit the market and those are fantastic tools that again are designed to build your credit from zero or repair bad credit but

they oftentimes don’t offer any kind of cash back reward so I’d still say that if you’re able to get approved you might want to go for something like the discover it card but again it doesn’t hurt to apply, see what happens, and you can always go for a different product

if you get denied. So I absolutely love my discover it card and while I don’t personally use it anymore and I probably haven’t used it for about two years, I still just keep this account open because it has no annual fee and by keeping that account

open it has increased my total available credit, increase my lines of credit, increase the

average age of my credit, and all of that

is really good for my credit score.

And I was able to go from zero to a score in the mid seven hundreds in a matter of months just by using this card for my regular everyday purchases and paying it off immediately which you definitely should do as well and minimum you at least you want to set up autopay so that you never get yourself into any trouble with this credit card or any credit card for that matters.

To learn more  about discover student card

discover student credit cards

If you want to more than about the discover student card you can see the above YouTube video and know what is the benefit of the discover student credit card and how can you find these card if you want to apply this card there is a given link to apply this card and enjoy your life thank you.




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