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My digital wallet app   | 2 best my digital wallet app 

My digital wallet app   | 2 best my digital wallet app 


goole pay

If you think to use the my digital wallet app I recommended to you very useful as my digital wallet app is Google pay it is the most popular app for online shopping online transfer the money it is used anytime it it has no network problem every transaction is successful only on one click my digital wallet app Google pay is used in all over the world of some country if you read this article then you want to download the my digital wallet app anyone so I recommended to you you download the Google pay my digital wallet app.

How to use the GOOLE PAY MY Digital wallet app.

If you want to use the my digital wallet app Goole pay .

You can use in the digital wallet app Google pay in the Android phone and tablet if you have the an Android phone then you go to the Play Store application then you type the on the screen Google pay application and download after downloading this application then you connect the your bank account very easy firstly your mobile number is connect your bank account and inserted the sim

In your mobile


4 step to setup to the Google pay digital wallet app and enjoy the online shopping online transfer the money other account

Benefit of Google pay digital app

  1. First benefit you can recharge on your mobile number only one click
  2. Second is benefit every bill pay of your home paid by one click for example electricity Bil pay insurance bill pay home Motors bill pay, home loan installment.
  3. You can pay your flight ticket only one click by the my digital pay app why the Google pay
  1. You can get the reward point on every transaction of a Google pay
  2. Your money is secure one password

Google pay application has no charge on your anyone transaction so this is the most useful Google pay digital Wallet application.

More information by Video

If you want to more Goole digital wallet you can see the video and learn more about the Google Play and enjoy the online shopping online trading online digital marketing everything is online you did not need to the physical many you can use only the digital money everything is buy


2. Walmart Pay 

My digital Wallet application Walmart pay is very popular my digital wallet application you can download this application by the Play Store and connect your bank account for a credit card to the Walmart pay application then you can pay the online payment by the Walmart application

Walmart digital Wallet application is very easy to pay the your bill payment for the customer

How to use the my digital wallet  application walmart pay

  1. Firstly you have the Android one or a tablet or a computer then you download the my digital wallet app by the Play Store now you connect the your credit and debit card any one .
  1. You can type in the Google or a Play Store Walmart digital wallet 
  2. Then you download the Walmart application why the Google and Play Store then set up your account
  3. After setup your account you can shopping by the online shopping and the online recharge by your mobile and transfer your money back account to other bank account
  4. The transaction of the my digital wallet app Walmart you can get the reward point or cashback of every transaction somehow you do not get the reward point
  5. You can pay the electricity bill payment, insurance payment, Life Insurance payment,
  6. Your money is secure in password of your bank account for example American bank account etc all other account is saved by the digital wallet application Walmart
  7. Walmart digital wallet  payment  method credit card dwara digital card ,debit card ,gift card credit card .

Walmart offers lay away for purchase greater than $50 you can also sign up for installment payment plan throw year round payment plan range from 24 months purchase $2000.

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